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Message as of December 6, 2009


Roberto Dolendo wrote on 2009-12-06 06:30:54.0

I am MSgt. Roberto Dolendo. I served in Korea with the 10th BCT up to the dissolution of the unit redesignated as 2nd Artillery Batallion up to 1958 and served with the 3rd Military Area in Visayas and was sent to OCS School for Reserved Commission (SRC)1955. I have undergone Special Forces Officers and Enlisted Men's Course. I have undergone the Amphibious Operation Course (LFTU--US Marine). Undergone Airborne training with 1st Special Forces with the 11th US SF Group. Transferred to Phil. Constabulary Command 1965. Was assigned with PC Special Forces. My last assignment was in the 3rd PC Zone in Visayas with the Special Operation Unit. I retired on 1979. Presently enjoying my veterans benefits and allowances at the age of 83. My sacrifices in Korean War has been rewarded and enjoyed by my 4 daughters: one as a manager, one is a Prov'l Offcr. of NCIP, one is a Prov'l Prosecutor (PEFTOK Scholar)and the 4th is a Public School teacher.

Efrain Cabayao wrote on 2009-11-23 04:01:52.0

My father, the late Juanito L Cabayao Sr, was a member of the 10th BCT who arrived in Pusan, South Korea and fight the North Koreans and mainland Chinese. He died last April 23,1995 at the age of 72 at Duenas, Iloilo. (Efrain Cabayao wrote on 2005-04-16 00:31:01.0 Re: Juanito P CabayaoTop of Form 1

Bottom of Form 1

I had a patches of the 10th BCT, PEFTOK. It is a triangle seating on its base with a lightning crossing it and a slogan "steady on" below. The book "the fighting tenth" was brought by my brother when he was studying at PMA in Baguio City. My brother is a member of the Class Marangal of 1974. He is Brig. Gen. Juanito P Cabayao, Jr.

Helen Pardillo wrote on 2009-10-10 23:44:39.0

Comments: i am helen paciente-pardillo, daughter of the late Crispin Paciente, Sr. my father died last year, aug. 19,2008 at 89 because he had a stroke. my father was a member of the FIGHTING TENTH and he was so proud of being one.he had his korean memorabilias,medals,pictures, the FIGHTING TENTH BOOK,and his korean uniform when he was still a sergeant.before his death, he was able to visit korea in 1990 after 40 years with my younger sister, elizabeth and in 1994with my younger brother,julius. during his first visit in 1990, he told us that he cried(tears of joy)and kissed the landmark where they was a great experience for him. in fact, my father wrote his experiences of the korean war especially the BATTLE OF YULTONG and it was published in a local newspaper, THE MINDANAO CROSS in Cotabato City. He was the co-founder of the VETERANS' MEMORIAL PARK in our hometown, Alamada, North Cotabato,Mindanao,Philippines.he was able to make it through the help of the Korean Veterans'Association and some good people and businessmen in our place.we lost a great father, a hero to us.his memories will forever linger in our hearts.OUR SALUTE TO YOU, TATAY

emely dicolen-abagat wrote on 2009-09-23 01:56:48.0

This is Prof. Emely Dicolen-Abagat of The Catholic University of Korea. I am doing a research related to the participation of the Filipino Vets in the Korean War. I hope to communicate with the families and friends of our Pinoy soldiers who helped during the Korean War and I'm happy that I've found this site. Please I need your help to make the untold stories of our heroes known to both Koreans and Filipinos. I would be interested to meet all of you personally. Please email me at Maraming salamat po. Nawa'y maging matagumpay ang proyektong ito sa pamamagitan ng tulong ninyo.

Alvin Templonuevo wrote on 2009-09-22 16:01:44.0

I am the eldest son of ret. 2Lt Honorio A.Templonuevo of 10BCT unit in korea,that at the age of 82 he is still very much alive and kicking.he is now living in BUhi camarines sur his homeland with my mother.Were 8 brothers in the family and no sister, thats why im searching for my only half korean sister, which he left after the father told me his wartime love affair with a korean women, that by the time they were relieved, his daughter was already 1 yr old more or less. I would like to ask to your good office what requirements should i present in order to find her.

Regidor Hipolito wrote on 2009-04-26 10:20:35.0

I am the eldest son of the late SSgt. Gregorio C. Hipolito who served with the 20th BCT in Korea from 1951-1952 and was wounded in action during one of the many battles their unit and battalion have fought distinguishably.

Genoveva Pacana verceles wrote on 2008-12-02 08:10:54.0

My father was 19th bct korean veteran. With God's blessing he is still living, enjoying his monthly pension as a retired military man. What reminds me when he tolds us the story when we were kids, mentioning the place"Hills Eerie & 191" and the hardship battle experiences during his fought in korean war. I am proud of him as a daughter of Ret.2lt. Jose S. Pacana sr., for such accomplishing combat mission /combat experience to defend other nation. .

Modesto Preņa wrote on 2008-11-27 07:46:07.0

Comments: Our family here in the Albay, Philippines is desperately searching for the whereabouts of our grandfather, Apolonio Preņa, known to serve the US Army during the Korean war and believed to have married an american woman. any information that could lead to our search will be heartily appreciated. God bless you!!!

VIRGILIO PRION wrote on 2008-10-15 23:03:08.0

Comments: My father MSGT CELEDONIO SOLUTA PRION is a member of 19th BCT and fought in Korea. He is now a retired Philippine Army, a VETERAN and suffering from Alzheimer. He is always accompanied by my mother to go to Veterans Hospital monthly for medical check-up.

Genevieve Cayton wrote on 2008-09-25 10:29:33.0

Comments: My grandfather, the late Colonel Alfredo L Cayton,was a member of the 10th BCT PEFTOK.He passed away on July 22 of this year.I have a copy of his diary during his assignment in Korea and some old scanned pictures while he was stationed there.I am producing a private book about him.He also wrote a piece about the Battle of Yultong Bridge which he participated in.I promised to my grandfather on his deathbed that I will try my best to keep his memory alive,as well as the other veterans' contribution to the Korean war.I am flying to Korea tomorrow.I'm a delegate to Revisit Korea Program 2008.Kasama ko ibang PEFTOK veterans and their family members.

George Torres wrote on 2008-09-13 15:24:03.0

Comments: My father-in-law PFC Buenaventura O. Cave Sr., was assigned to the Signal Platoon, Charlie Company, 14th BCT. He's okay and well and now living in Houston, TX. He still maintains his farm in Bani, Pangasinan. He was stationed in Yanggu, Korea (15APR1953-04JUL1954). His brother was MSGT Benjamin O. Cave, was assigned to the Engineering PLTN HQ,14th BCT. MSGT BCave passed away more than 10 years ago in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines.

Carlo Cruz wrote on 2008-09-08 03:04:40.0

Comments: A young filmmaker from the Philippines is recreating the significant battles fought by every PEFTOK veteran from the 10th BCT to the 2nd BCT. This DOCU-DRAMA will feature interviews from some of the Veterans who are still alive as well as the family members of those who fell in the line of duty. This is a call to those family members who might be interested for a video interview regarding their loved ones. Please reply should u be interested. Thank you.

Eleccion wrote on 2008-08-25 06:20:50.0

Comments: My grandfather was a war veteran, member of the 14th BCT, PA (PEFTOK). He is Corporal EUSEBIO JACOB ELECCION of 3 Sqd, 3rd Pltn, "C" Coy incorporated to the 8th Army of the United States of America.

Orde Graig Acebu wrote on 2008-06-06 15:14:49.0

i happen to be a very proud grandson of a man who was a member of the PEFTOK...his unit: The 14th BCT the Avengers...And he is also very proud to have served with the 14th..My grandfather, SSGT.Gregorio D. Acebu of Sierra Bullones,Bohol, is in his 80's,He is still very active now, always on the go.. hoping that other surviving family members of the 14th can come up with some sort of a list of those who are alive...This guys, the Peftok veterans, are the last of its kind..hoping we could give them a surprise before they will just be a part of our memory.... if you happen to be a family member, would appreciate it if we could swap notes for them...

Art Villasanta wrote on 2008-05-12 22:03:17.0

Comments: Warmest greetings to our Filipino heroes of the Korean War everywhere on this planet.

My best regards to their wives, sons, daughters and grandchildren and those who recall the bravery of those 7,150 men who served in Korea from 1950-1955.

You have not forgotten PEFTOK and for this I am eternally grateful.

I'm Art Villasanta, historian of the Philippines' participation in the Korean War. Some of you might have visited my PEFTOK website at, "THE GLORY OF OUR FATHERS: THE PHILIPPINE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE TO KOREA".

I'm sorry that I have not updated the website as often as I could. I had intended to use the website to provide news about PEFTOK and its organization in the Philippines, the PEFTOK VETERANS ASSOCIATION, INC. (PVAI).

It is somewhat difficult updating a Geocities website, as those of you who use this service know. I had intended to open a PEFTOK blog, but this might cause confusion.

Instead, let me use this Korean War Project website to update you on what's happening to our PEFTOK veterans in the Philippines.


I've seen the plans and they almost moved me to tears.

A "KOREAN WAR VETERANS MEMORIAL WALL" will be built, either in 2009 and 2010.

The Memorial Wall will be inscribed with the names of all the 7,150 officers and men who served in the Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea (PEFTOK).

The initial concept has it looking like the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC.

Our Wall might be in black marble. It will be inscribed with the names and ranks of all our heroes who served in the five PEFTOK Battalion Combat Teams: the 10th, 20th, 19th, 14th and 2nd.

The names of our heroes will be arranged according to their unit.

This is the original plan. It might change but Our Memorial Wall will be built?

Where will it be built?

That is a question that has yet to be answered with finality. But all indications point to it being built inside Camp Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo.

Our Memorial Wall will be built together with a new building for PVAI. Those of you who have visited PVAI's offices will recall it as a single large room, spartan in appearance and furnishings. Donations have allowed PVAI to renovate its office so that this no longer has a run down look.

Money for Our Memorial Wall will have to be raised, however.

When built, the Memorial Wall will give those of you living abroad reason to come home.

Imagine yourself standing before Our Wall inscribed with the names of the men, many your friends, who you served with in Korea. Touching those names, recalling how young you were then, remembering your shared sacrifice in Korea is bound to bring tears to your eyes.

You have the right to cry.

This will be the greatest monument to our heroes who helped save South Korea from Communist conquest.

It will come 60 years after the first PEFTOK man set foot in Korea, but it is almost here.

It must be built.

augusto bautista wrote on 2008-04-28 07:54:42.0

Comments: my fathre died march 11, 2008 i just want you to know your exact address and telephone number so i could know my benefits of my father. thank you very much God bless and more power



gervacio e. padilla wrote on 2008-04-11 08:11:01.0


Keywords: benifits of my father as filkorean veteran

Isagani Escano wrote on 2007-10-22 02:34:21.0


Keywords: My father is Mr. Mauro R. Escano, Peftok Veteran under 19th BCT, he suffered his second stroke in September 2007 and he was still under observation and suffering. we would like to ask your help and support because he is now confined in CAUYAN FAMILY HOSPITAl, CAUYAN CITY, ISABEL, REGION II, CAGAYAN. we are appeling for your your help to end his suffering. Contact Address: Mr. Reynaldo A. Escano CP. NO. 00639189382984 Mr. Felix A. Escano CP NO. 00639195083573



Manuel Orbida wrote on 2007-09-29 20:30:22.0

Comments: we are proud of Korean Veterans


Manuel Orbida wrote on 2007-09-07 08:48:21.0

Comments: Our late Father belongs to 19th BCT, Mr. Agripino J. Orbida, he has so many great stories about Korean war.


Dominga Buama wrote on 2007-07-17 05:41:44.0

Comments: COMMENTS: I am Neth Buama ,the daughter of late Bartolome Antonio Jacob.My father was a member of the 20th BCT .He was a great father to us.We remember of many stories he tell us when he still alive.I remember those courage and I felt pity on him because of the tragic experiences.One of his story, sleeping with wet uniforms,eating with dead bodies near to them, drinking water with dead people on the river.We cannot forget a person with this experiences just for his country.PEFTOK veterans are one of a kind.The whole family is very proud of my father.I know wherever he is,he s truly a great hero in our hearts and a great father.

Liberty Cruz wrote on 2006-09-18 22:58:59.0

Comments: My father is Crispin S.Paciente,Sr.,a member of the 10th BCT.He is old but still very active in the affairs of the veterans in our locality. He had the chance to go back to Korea twice. Impressed by the respect and honor accorded to deceased Korean war veterans there, he helped put up a memorial park for the members in our place, which he proudly tells us as the only veterans memorial park in this part of the region. He keeps to this day, medals and other memorabilias during the Korean war, including pictures of his Japanese and Korean girlfriends. The Fighting Tenth book is safely tucked in his 60-year old "baul". He always carries an album containing pictures during his days in Korea. This year, his experiences at the Battle of Yultong was featured in a Davao newspaper. Always the Don Romantico that he is, but with arthritis and aching back, he still manages to "make lambing" to my half-paralyzed mother. After tucking my mother to bed, he hies off to his favorite spot in our yard which he calls "Hernando's Hideaway". There, he spends his time writing his memoirs. I am so thankful that my father lived to tell his story to his great grandchildren. At 87, he still hopes to see my eleven-year old daughter graduate in college. STEADY ON, TATAY!


Nerissa Cabayao wrote on 2006-07-25 22:07:40.0

Comments: My dad Juanito Labita Cabayao was a Korean War veteran(1950)-10th BCT.He passed away on April 23, 1995 in Duenas, Iloilo, Phils. He retired from military service in 1980. None of us children were born during that time. We all have his memorabilia from the war except for the Fighting Tenth Book .I was just learning the alphabet then when my eldest brother brought the Fighting Tenth Book to the Philippine Military Academy in early 70's. Is there any possibility for the association of the Sons and Daughters of PEFTOK VEterans to reproduce the FIGHTING TENTH BOOK so we could avail a copy of it.


claire acebu wrote on 2006-06-03 09:51:57.0

Comments: I just want to share with you the name of my father, S/Sgt. Gregorio D. Acebu, who was with the PEFTOK's 14th BCT. He is nearly 80 years old now, and currently lives in San Antonio Village, Dumaguete City. If you happen to know of other 14th BCT members, kindly contact me at my email address.


Rilan Ballesteros wrote on 2006-05-21 23:54:38.0

Comments: 19TH BATTALION COMBAT TEAM (BLOODHOUND) Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea (PEFTOK) April 1952 to March 1953 A battle hardened unit that distinguished itself in the anti-Huk campaign, the 19th BCT trained for 16 weeks at the Philippine Armys training facility set among Korean-like hills bordering the town of Marikina, fondly called Marikorea by the men. The first contingent of the 19th landed in Korea late April 1952 with the last contingent rotating to Korea two months later. Battalion commander was Col. Ramon Aguirre.

The 19th held a segment of the MLR in the Chorwon-Sibyon-yi corridor in the west central sector of Korea. It was first attached operationally to the US I Corps and then to the 179th Regiment of the US 45th Infantry Division (Thunderbirds), the first National Guard division to see combat in Korea. Armistice negotiations to end the war were being discussed when the 19th went into action against the men of the Chinese Peoples Volunteer Army (CPV).

Battling the CPV The men of this famed battalion acquitted themselves well against the CPV. Their most outstanding combat achievement, however, was in the battle for hills dominating the Chorwon-Sibyon-yi area, considered he most vulnerable sector of the UNCs front line. On 18 June, the CPV bombarded the 19ths positions with heavy artillery fire, killing two men and wounding four. The battalions howitzers and mortars returned fire, inflicting casualties on the CPV.

The CPV continued pummeling the battalions positions the next day in preparation for an infantry assault that was aborted after the 19th returned fire. The intense artillery duels resulted in the deaths of eight men, including an officer. At 10:00 p.m. on 20 June, the enemy opened a heavy artillery and mortar barrage against the 19th following this up with a massive infantry attack. Flares fired by the 19th revealed waves of CPV heading towards Hills Eerie and 191.

Under terrific artillery fire, and attacked by overwhelming force, the battalion stood its ground. Counter battery fire destroyed many of the CPV guns and mortars. On the battlefield, the battalion fought a brutal hand-to-hand fight throughout the evening. The Chinese ware fought to a standstill and forced to retreat by a savage counterattack. The fight continued until the morning of the 21st. The retreating Chinese left behind the hulks of two tanks and over 500 dead. Eight Filipinos were killed and 16 wounded in the fierce night battle.

More actions against the CPV followed and the fighting skill shown by the veterans of the 19th drew respect and praise from other UN fighting units. The 19th was the first PEFTOK battalion awarded the South Korean Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation. It also received a Battle Citation from the US X Corps. Resources

This web site was created, written and is maintained by Art Villasanta. Copyright 2000 by Art Villasanta. This web site is being continuously updated.

Keywords: Retired 2nd Lt. Irenio Desamito was my late grandfather, who past away on the 21 Feb. 1996..he who served in the Korean War with the 19th BCT PEFTOK and served with the philippine aymy for more than 30 years..once i met a korean man here in australia, who just finished his military services..i told him that my grandfather once fought in the korean my surprised he stand infront of me and bowed his head and say's thank you..i was so emotionally touched by his action..



Federico Garcia wrote on 2006-04-26 21:43:40.0

Comments: I am the son of the late TSGT FEDERICO L GARCIA SR from San Jose City, Nueva Ecija, PHILIPPINES, who served in the 10th BCT PEFTOK, Baker Company. He passed away just recently, April 15, 2006 -- the same date that he retired from the military service in 1967. My father always talked about the war in Korea.

My wife and I are actively searching for literatures about this historic event, as all members of the family are truly proud of our father's heroism. The website of Mr. Art Villasanta, son of the late Juan Villasanta (UN War Correspondent to Korea) is a very informative reference. We are looking for his book DATELINE KOREA and the other book THE FIGHTING TENTH. We would also support any undertaking that would initiate building a monument or marker to honor the PEFTOK.

My father's grave marker reads "HERE LIES A HERO". Truly he is.



Emma Prima wrote on 2006-02-01 02:38:10.0

Comments: Hello to all PEFTOK war veterans , friends and family members. I am Emma B. Prima of Dipolog City. My father-in-law was a member of the 10th BCT. His name is ANTONIO Z. PRIMA, Sr. He passed away in 1992. When he was still alive, whenever we visited him in Cagayan de Oro City, he always opened that big book about the Korean War veterans , telling us stories of those memorable moments in Korea. My children were still small kids then, and we his children used to smile and laugh whenever he did that.How we miss those moments, now that he's gone. More power to PEFTOK. Please keep in touch.


alex javinez wrote on 2005-11-28 02:09:13.0

Comments: im alex javinez, son of TEMISTOCLES JAVINEZ OF 19 BCT PEFTOK. MY FATHER PASSED AWAY THIS NOVEMBER OF 2005 at the age of 78,in honoring my father, i join everyone in considering to have a shrine for peftok veterans. thank you.


LARRY SAGUN wrote on 2005-11-18 02:13:00.0

Comments: My father is Lt Aurelio R Sagun, 2nd BCT PEFTOK

My fatehr is a very active member of the PEFTOK Veterans, he's alway's present on all meetings, reunions, and some special events about PEFTOK , he is one of the Director of the 2nd BCT Chapter here in our place.

There are many Veterans (PEFTOK) here in our community --at Makati, Philippines ...and i appreciate to recieve email to all other childrens of the PEFTOK Veterans...

Larry G. Sagun



ian diangson wrote on 2005-08-28 07:30:00.0

Comments: Greetings! i just want to share more info about the surviving PEFTOK veterans ,their sons and dauhters specially the 10th BCT where my late father Jose O.Diangson once proudly and bravely served like his comrades...STEADY ON.....


Efrain Cabayao wrote on 2005-07-29 05:06:57.0


Keywords: My father, late Juanito L. Cabayao Sr., 503131, a member of the 10th BCT, PEFTOK, Philippine Contingent to the Korean War.He was under then Col. Ojeda.He was together with the late Capt. Vicente Evidente. Former Philippine President Fidel Ramos was also a member of the 20th BCT.

Sheila Tayoba wrote on 2004-07-03 22:30:08.0 My father came home from Korea with a sharpnel on his right leg which left him with a metal plate, but continued serving the military until 1984 in the Philippines. He passed away in August,2002 in the Philippines, I would like to hear from anyone who had served in the same Battalion with my dad, 2nd LT Ildefonso Tayoba Garcia.We his children would want to honor his memory as a war hero. Thank you and May God Bless you. Sheila,

Janet Labrador wrote on 2004-03-19 00:55:33.0  I'am the daugter of Mr. Neil Labrador a member of 10th BCT, Phil. Army, PEFTOK who fought in Korean war in the 1950's.

Hernando (Herdy) Beltran wrote on 2003-12-29 04:33:45.0  I'm just wondering why the boys of 2nd BCT particularly, the Easy Company are rarely mentioned in the annals of the Korean War. We are supposed to be one of the elite units during the Korean war particularly in the mapping, demolitions and counter-insurgencies. Cpl. Hernando M. Beltran, (Ret) PA AFP

EDEL ALAYON wrote on 2003-07-26 01:38:02.0 My father is Julian O.Alayon of Sapian,Capiz.He was one of the defender of Bataan and a Death March survivor and guerilla soldier during WWII. In Korean War, he was a member of 10th BCT,Charlie company Browning Automatic Rifleman(BAR)PEFTOK. He has four son that served in the United States Navy,one retired and three are still active. Anyone of can tell me how to obtain a copy of the book "The Fighting tenth" or uniform patches by the 10th bct "steady on" i will pay for them. I'm proud of my Father and his achievement in life,his gone now."GOD bless his soul".

Jose Regin Regidor wrote on 2002-05-12 04:42:56.0 There is a book, The Fighting Tenth, published in 1954/1955 chronicling the tour of duty of the 10th Batallion Combat Team in Korea. It gives a comprehensive account of Philippine participation in the Korean War. This includes to which U.S. units the 10th BCT was attached to as well as all the battles it fought in.