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Filipinos Korean War Military Service

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The Philippine Monument in Goyang City
San 97-6, Gwansan-dong
Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si,
Gyeonggi Province.

The Philippine Monument is located at San 97-6, Gwansan-dong, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi Province. It was erected by the South Korean Ministry of National Defense on 2 October 1974 in memory of the members of the Philippine Armed Forces who fought to defend the security and freedom of the Republic of Korea.

The relief of 50 people on the front of the foundation represents the desperate struggle of the Korean people to overcome the challenges of war and win freedom and peace. Meanwhile, the relief on the front of the pillar depicts the culture of the Philippines. The 17-meter central pillar and the wide, 4.5 meter-high foundation give the monument a pleasing sense of stability.

On 19 September 1950, shortly after the Korean War began with a surprise attack on the South by the communist North, the Philippines dispatched its soldiers as part of the United Nations forces. The Philippine contingent fought courageously and successfully in the Battles of Waegwan, Gimcheon, Daegu, Cheolwon and the Imjin-gang River.

Philippine Tribute to the Korean War

Two monuments paying tribute to the Korean War stand proud in the Philippines: the PEFTOK Memorial in Fort Bonifacio and the Marikorea Monument in Marikina City. The monument in Marikina City, dedicated to Filipinos who participated in the Korean War, was unveiled on 25 June 2005 during the the 55th Anniversary of the Start of the Korean War. It is a 20-foot tall pylon topped by an eternal flame. All five PEFTOK BCTs trained in Marikina City before being deployed since the rugged hills and rolling terrain in the city resembled Korea's. The men christened Marikina "Camp Marikorea" or "Marikorea." PEFTOK veterans meet at the memorial every 23rd of April to commemorate the "The Battle of Yultong" where Filipinos displayed extraordinary valor. (From journalist Art Villasanta)

The PEFTOK Memorial in Bonifacio City
The Marikorea Monument in Marikina City

The P500.00 bill, roughly equivalent to KRW12,000.00 and which has been in circulation in the Philippines since 1987, also features a facet of Philippine-Korean relations. At the back of the bill is a picture of an article written by Philippine hero Benigno Aquino, Jr. published in The Manila Times during his stint as a war correspondent in Korea during the Korean War. The article is entitled "1st Cav Knifes Through 38th Parallel," The picture also shows a young Benigno in his reporter garb.

The P500 bill showing Philippine hero Benigno Aquino Jr.
The encircled portion at the back of the bill shows an article he wrote entitled กฐ1st Cav Knifes Through 38th Parallel.