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Filipinos Korean War Military Service

Names F-Z

Names A-E
Names F-Z
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Soldier’s Home State of (military) Record or State of Residence:

California **

Hawaii *  

Virgin Islands *** 

BNR-Body Not Recovered

BR-Body Recovered

DOW- Died of Wounds

KIA-Killed in Action

MIA-Missing in Action

POW-Prisoner of War

SFD-Separated for Disability

SWA-Seriously wounded in action


Rosendo Fernandez *


Basilio Fontillas born 6/13/1909 Castillejos Zambales Philippines; died 5/28/2003 Daly City California; 31 yrs military service; retired 1973 after 40 yrs government service also WW11 veteran PS defense of Corregidor;


Urbano Mateo Francisco ** born 5/25/1907 died 6/10/1964 buried Golden Gate Nat Cemetery Army  SFC also WW11 veteran




David K. Gacusana * born 2/2/1936 Opihikao Hawaii; died 5/13/2000 Utah Valley Regional Hospital; buried Utah State Veterans Cemetery; USMC Gy Sgt (Ret) also retired from Post Office; a Vietnam War veteran


Melchor Baligad Gadiane * born 1/6/1929 Philippines; died 6/15/1997 SF Ca; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Navy Sk1; SS issued Hawaii; also WW11 & Vietnam War veteran


Samuel Nailima Gaison Sr * born 8/19/1930; died 4/23/1986; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Sfc injured 11/24/1952 North Korea returned to duty 40th In Div Cv Div Cav Regt Inf; (son of Talino Gaison WW1 veteran)


William K. Gaison * born 1/16/1932; died 10/25/1991; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific


Alfredo Gajeton * born 1928 died 7/27/1950 S. Korea; KIA Army, Pfc 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division. Awards: the Purple Heart, the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Korean Presidential Unit Citation and the Republic of Korea War Service Medal.


Henry Galinato *


Rosalio Galius * SFC; 1/30/1951; from Hawaii    


Alfredo M. Gampon * born 4/1/1932; died 8/28/1952 North Korea  DOW; Army Pvt E-2; 25th In Div Cv Div Cav 14th Regt Inf


Pedro Ganal * born 1926 KIA 6/3/1951 North Korea Army Pvt- E2 19th Inf Regt 24th Inf Div


Miguel Gapol * born 9/18/1935; died 7/28/1998; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Pfc USMC


Rufino Garalde born 1928; died 9/6/1951 North Korea; MIA; KIA; Pvt E-2 2nd In Div Cv Div Cav

Regt Inf


Tony Garcia also Vietnam veteran served during 1968 Tet Offensive; post-war: Army MSgt (Ret); served w/ Advisor Group U.S. Embassy, Manila Phil; resident of Honolulu; WW11 researcher w/ Filipino American Historical Society of Hawaii (FAHSOH); (some info from e-mail comm.. bet. MSgt Garcia & M.E. Embry 7/2008)


Constancio Gionson Pvt E-2; 2/16/1951 from Hawaii


Julian Gionson *


Donald P. Gonzales * born 6/30/1934; Casualty 3/26/1953 died Korea;  USMC Pfc


Luis De Leon Gonzalez 6/21/1911 Lingayen, Pangasinan-12/9/2004 Pittsburg California, also in WW11 26th Cavalry PS Death March Award: Purple Heart


Simplicio Guerrero * Pvt E-2; 9/21/1950 from Hawaii


Sergio “Serapio”Pobre Guiang *** born Paoay, Ilocos Norte died 8/31/1950 Korea KIA/MIA, Army, Pfc, 23rd Inf Reg 2nd Inf Div Award: Purple Heart



Paulino E. Hernaez * Pvt E-2 5/30/1951 from Hawaii


Alfredo C. Homawan *Pfc; 7/29/1950 from Hawaii




Jose W. Ibay *** 1910-11/30/1950 KIA N. Korea Pvt Army 7th Cav Regt 1st Cav Div Inf Regt


Catalino “Iggy” Ignacio born  12/9/1919 Nueva Ecija Philippines; died 7/7/2005 in Carson Ca; buried @ Green Hills Memorial Park Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca;  also a WW11 veteran; PS, Death March, POW; retired from Military 1968 as a 1st Lt. postwar: volleyball referee (1968 Olympic Games; 1977 World Cup, etc.) inducted Volleyball Hall of Fame 1991


Gonzalo Esteban Ignacio Jr born 9/22/1928 Philippines; died 8/5/1989; buried San Francisco (Presidio) National Cemetery; Army 1st Sgt; also a VietnamWar veteran


Ricardo Bautista Ignacio born 6/9/1919 Philippines; died 10/31/1982; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Cpt Army; also WW11 veteran


Gregorio Ingbino * MIA returnee 12/14/1950 North Korea; Army Cpl; 5th Rgt Combat Team Cv Div





Maximiano S. Janairo *  born 08/20/1905; died 12/14/1997; buried Arlington National Cemetery COL; Colonel, also WW11 veteran


Dalmacio N. Javier born 9/27/1911; died 7/24/2000; buried Dona Gregoria Mem Park Kawit Cavite, Philippines; Navy SDC; also WW11 veteran




David Labang * born 12/29/1931 Waimanalo, Hawaii; died 7/5/2004 Tripler Army Medical Center; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; MSgt; Army; also Vietnam War veteran; civilian: U.S. Postal Service truck driver


Uldarico M. Labang, Sr. * born 7/4/1928 Waimanalo Hawaii; died 11/4/2006 Kaiser Medical Center; buried Maui Veterans Cemetery; Pvt Army; civilian: retired Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. welder


Jimmie Dancell Labogen * born 1/16/1930; died 7/25/1952 Korea; DOW; USMC 1st Marine Division; 7th Marine Regt E Co 2nd BN  Pfc


Arthur Akira Laborada * born 10/20/1929; died 12/25/2001; buried San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery; Army CWO3; also Vietnam War veteran; SS# issued Hawaii


Dominador S. Labrador, Sr. born 12/28/1924; died 3/30/2007; buried San Felipe Zambales Municipal Cemetery Navy SH2 also WW11 veteran


Jose A. Laciste *  injured 8/6/1951 North Korea; returned to duty; Army Pvt; 2nd Inf Div Cv div Cav Regt Inf


Louis A. Laciste * born 12/9/1928 Waipahu; died 9/8/2003; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army SP3; also a retired aircraft mechanic for theAir Force


George Lacro * born 1932; DOW 8/3/1952 North Korea Pfc Army;In Div -7th Cv Div Cav Regt Inf


Fernando Lacsamana * born 5/23/1908; died 5/15/1974; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Navy SDC; also WW11 veteran


Alfredo Ladao born 8/10/1922 San Narciso Zambales; died 2/16/2008 Kapiolani Med Center @ Pali Momi; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class, also WW11 & Korean War veteran


Edward Ladao * born 1930 Hawaii; died 7/16/1950 KIA South Korea; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific;  Pfc Army In Div 24th Cv Div Cav Regt


Brauly Lagadon * born 4/2/1926 Pasuquin Ilocos Norte; died 11/22/1999; buried Sunset Memorial Park Hawaii; Army; post-war: Highway Maintenance man for Hawaii State Transportation Dept


Catalino Valdez Lagadon, Jr. born 4/6/1911; died 5/30/1994; buried Barrancas National Cemetery Florida; Sgt Army; also WW11 & Vietnam War veteran; listed 1930 Monroe Indiana census


Antonio G. Lagrimas born 6/13/1924; died 6/2/1997; buried Iriga Catholic Cemetery Camarines Sur Phil; Navy SD1; also WW11 Veteran


Fernando Lagrimas born 1931; died 8/31/1951 KIA Korea; Cpl Army  In Div Cav Regt Inf


Faustino Laping * born 5/22/1934; died 10/27/1952 KIA; USMC; 7th Marine Regt H Co 3 Bn 1st Marine Division Pfc-E2


Alfredo P. Lauricio * born 1/16/1926; died 7/4/2000 Philippines; injured 2/14/1951 Korea; separated from Army In Div Cav Regt Inf


Teodulo “Doro” Abveila LLanto born 3/31/1933 Ewa Hawaii; died 3/21/2002; buried Hawaii State Veteran Cemetery; Army Pvt


Alfred “Freddie” Los Banos * born 5/16/1923; died 8/31/1999 St. Francis-West Hospital; buried @ Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; MSgt; Army 5th Regt Combat Team Cv Div; shot by a sniper (8/14/1950) in South Korea; also1st Filipino Reg; WW11 veteran  post war: one of the founders of the Disabled American Veterans Hawaii Chapter; an organizer of the Military Purple Heart Hawaii Chapter; was appointed by Pres. Clinton to the nine-members American Battle Monuments Commission in 1994; Veterans Adm counselor; a tireless & passionate lobbyist & advocate for veterans rights, despite disabilities suffered when he became paralyzed & both legs below the knees were amputated


Allan Los Banos * born 5/14/1921 (twin of Bernard); died 3/29/1999; post war: Retired Colonel; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; worked for Honolulu Motor Vehicle Dept; also a Vietnam War & WW11 veteran


Charles “Charlie” C. Los Banos * born 9/9/1930; died 1/24/1992; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; CSM; Army, also a Vietnam War veteran




Pacifico Mabanag *** 1925-2/6/1951 N. Korea KIA  PFC 9th Inf Reg 2nd Inf Div


William F. Mabida * Pfc 12/14/1950 from Hawaii


Benito Mallari, Sr ** born 4/16/1922; died 7/6/2003; buried Garden of Memories Cemetery Salinas Ca; POW 5/7/1942,4/2/1945 Army SP5; also WW11 & Vietnam War veteran


Eliseo V. Mallari born 9/8/1910 Philippines; died 8/21/1996; buried Ft Sam Houston National Cemetery Army Cpt, also a WW11 veteran


Lazaro A. Mallari * born 12/12/1924; died 11/2/1991; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army SSgt, also a Vietnam War veteran


Narceso P. Mamalias * Cpl 8/2/1950; 9/4/1950; 11/27/1950; from Hawaii


Fidel J. Mamaril * Cpl 4/24/1951; from Hawaii


Edward C. Manalo


Florencio Mangosing * Pfc 4/24/1951 from Hawaii    


Patricio Gutierez Mangubat born 3/17/1926; died3/19/2002; buried Tahoma Nat. Cemetery Kent Washington, also a WW11 & Vietnam War Veteran; Navy ENC (SS)


Jeremiah Manlopig * Pfc 7/20/1950 from Hawaii


Manuel Franklin Pfc 4/25/1951 from Hawaii


Aniceto Coloma Manzano born 4/17/1907 Philippines; died 2/13/1992; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army M/Sgt; also WW11 veteran


James H. Mapa *


Benjamin Cuengco Mariano born 3/13/1931 Philippines; died 6/14/1999; buried Virgen delos Remedios Cemetery Santa Rita Pampanga Navy PN1, also Vietnam War veteran


Benjamin Mariano, Sr born 6/18/1920 Philippines; died 12/10/2000; buried Crownsville (Md) Veterans Cemetery;; Sfc (Ret) Army, also WW11 (Death March, POW) & Vietnam War veteran


Leroy Mendonca identified as Filipino Portuguese in the US Dept of Defense press release Source:

An Asian Pacific American Timeline By Rudi Williams American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON, May 19, 1999 " on August 14, 1952 Filipino American Sgt. LeRoy A. Mendonca was posthumously presented Medal of Honor for gallantry in repulsing the enemy on July 4, 1951, in Chichon, Korea. However, during a phone conversation on 5/1/2010 2:20 PM I had w/ his nephew & niece (by his sister Genevieve M. Gibbons of Vallejo California) both of them vigorously stated that Leroy's  family is not Filipino, but "Portuguese & Portuguese, could not understand why Leroy was identified as Filipino @ all, already asked my mom about this" 5/1/2010 Maria Elizabeth Embry of Antioch


James J. Mendoza *


Cirilo Z. Mina *




Julio Q. Navarro *




Bruno R. Orig *


Lyle V. Orlando *




Pantolion M. Pacleb* 1912-7/16/1950 S. Korea

KIA  Army Pfc


Alfredo Palad ***1918-7/16/1950 S. Korea KIA/MIA Army CPL 19th Inf Regt 24th Inf Div, also WW11 POW


Fernando M. Palazo born 1/16/1921 Philippines; died 3/19/2003 VA Med Cntr Oregon; buried Arlington Nat Cem; also serve Korean War post war: retired after 20 yrs of service


Elpedio P. Palcat *


Amado Palomares Jr *


Esmenio Panela *


Larry L. Pangan # born 9/12/1919 Arayat Pampanga; died 11/18/2004; served Korea in 1951 to 1952  Award: Bronze Star Medal also WW11 veteran 57th Inf Regt Death March, POW Camp O’Donnell; guerrilla; Awards: Bronze Star Medal (2nd), Combat Infantry Badge, American Defense Medal, American and Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medals, Philippine Liberation Medal and the Victory Medal. award @ retirement in 1961; Army Commendation Medal; post-war: Pres (2002) & one of the founders PS Heritage Society


Tom Parungao *


Antonio E. Pasay *


Vicente Pascua *


Frederico Patacsil *


Igmedio Patubo *** 1913-1/12/1950 KIA  N.Korea Army Cpl 32nd Inf Regt 7th Inf Div


Alvin Planas * born 12/4/1920; died 6/8/1984; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; suffered injury 7/29/1951 in North Korea; returned to duty; 38th Inf Regt 2nd Div Purple Heart; also WW11: Army 1LT 100th Bn/442; name in the monument downtown Los Angeles Temple/Alameda Sts panel 12A, 31 Row; Awards: Silver Star, Bronze Star, Distinguished Unit Badge, Combat Infantryman Badge


Donato Jenenez Penaflor born 7/12/1909 Philippines; died 3/4/1996 San Bernardino California; buried Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery; SDC Navy; also WW11 veteran

Benjamin Ponciano *


Diosdado Popa *


Antonio Punzalan, Sr born 7/13/1925; died 2/24/2005; buried Salcedo Cemetery Rosario Cavite Philippines; Navy


Mariani Purugganan *




Edward A. Queja * born 1931 KIA MIA South Korea 9/17/1950; Army Pfc; 5th Rgt Combat Team Cv

Dv Hq


Francisco Balquiedra “Frank” Quesada born 1/29/1924 Paete Laguna; died 2/1/2008 @ a Henderson Nevada Hospital; Col.; in the Korean War with the U.N. Airlift Operations; also WW11 veteran w/ the troop that liberated a Japanese concentration camp in Laguna Philippines PMA 1944 grad; postwar: tireless WW11 Filipino American Equity bill advocate; member Pres. Reagan’s U.S. Defense Committee; International Award American Legion; author of several books, the most popular was "Freedom At Dawn"  (A chronicle on the earliest Guerrilla Organizations in Paete). "World War II Experiences"; "Eight Days in Hell".


Antonio A. Quitugua * injured 3/2/1951 South Korea; returned to duty; injured 6/3/1951 South Korea; separated from the Army 7/9/1951; Pvt E-2 2nd Inf Div Cv Div Cav Regt Inf






Cesar Ramelab


John J. Relacion *


Benigno Reyes *


Pablo R. Ripani * born 1/25/1925 Ilocos Sur, Philippines; died 5/2/1999 Kaiser Hosp; buried Maui Veterans Cemetery; Army Cpl; post war: retired LPN Kula Hospital


Florentino Romano *


Benito Rose born 1/8/1912; died 3/8/1993 San Francisco; buried in Golden Gate Nat Cemetery; Navy CS2 also served in WW11; his son (Rudy) served in Vietnam War; his grandson (Christopher) died in Iraq




Mateo Sabog * born 11/21/1922 Laoag Ilocos, Norte, Philippines; died 11/14/2007 Kapiolani Medical Center @ Pali Momi Hawaii; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; enlisted Army 12/15/1945; MSgt 507th Transportation Group Binh Dinh South Vietnam (on 2//25/1970 completed 2nd tour of duty in Vietnam w/ 24 yrs of military service; never showed up @ new duty station Ft. Bragg N.C.; unit reported him AWOL in 1973 & deserter in 6/1974 then, after family protested declared in 1979 MIA, presumed dead& on 7/1993 name placed @ the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington located @ 12W 049; on 4/11/1995 remains assumed to be MSgt Sabog was found & DNA analysis was pending when on 3/25/1996 he applied for Social Security in Rossville Georgia where he has been living since 1979 under the name Robert “Bobby”Fernandez; after much controversy about desertion was permitted by the Army to retire retroactively from the date of his disappearance which is also the date he was eligible to retire & paid him his accumulated retirement pay; also WW11 & Korean War veteran

Sources: Associated Press 3/8/1996 ‘Dead’ Soldier Alive in Ga.


Fausto Sagadraca *


Ulpiano J. Santo born 4/3/1909 Leyte, Philippines; died 10/27/2006; buried Albert G. Horton Jr Mem Vet. Cemetery (Suffolk Va), also a WW11 veteran; table tennis champion; won 11 U.S. National titles; also won in the U.S. Senior Olympics and in the World Senior Championships.


Daniel G. Seguerre *


Rofino Simbre *


Alepio Solmirin born Waipahu; died 3/30/2006 Pearl City; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Sfc; injured 7/11/1952 North Korea Army 3rd In Div Cv Div Cav Regt Inf; also Vietnam veteran post-war: retired carpenter


Fred David  Soriano ** born 5/15/1921 Ilocos Sur, Philippines; died 8/15/1989;  buried: SF Ca, Korean War POW survivor; retired a Major; also serve in WW11; Death March, POW survivor;  Cpl, 57th Inf Regt PS father of Lt. Gen. Edward Soriano, a three-star general & the highest-ranking Filipino-American in the U.S. Armed Forces


Onofre Sayson Soriano born 7/8/1927; died 11/22/2000; buried San Carlos Cemetery Pangasinan Philippines, Army; also WW11 Veteran (Navy)


Pacifico Ruiz Soriano * born 9/25/1926 Philippines; died 11/14/2006 Philippines buried Himlayang Caviteno Cavite Philippines Navy SD2, also a Vietnam War veteran


Placido V. Subia * injured 9/18/1950 South Korea, returned to duty; injured 9/24/1950 South Korea, separated from the Army Pfc 5th Regt Combat Team Cv Div Hq


Richard Subiono * injured 9/18/1950 South Korea, returned to duty;  Pfc Army Inf Regt


Robert Supnet born 10/7/1934; died 5/3/3999; buried Oak Hill Memorial Park; USMC Cpl


Donald Gozo Suyat born 2/17/1918 Puunene Hawaii; died 4/6/2000 Kuakini Hospital; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army MSgt, also Vietnam War veteran; brother of Cecilia “Cissy” (S.C. Justice Thurgood, Sr.) Marshall







Ralph Lucio Tabadisto born 3/20/1930 San Diego California; died 8/30/2008 San Diego; buried Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery; Navy, also Vietnam War Veteran; listed 1930 San Diego census w/ parents & siblings; son of a Hawaii sakada & WW1 & WW11 veteran


Elpidio Tabangcura *


Tomas Abinsay Tabila ** born 12/14/1911 Philippines; died 9/3/1971; buried 9/3/1971


Sinfronio B. Tadena * wounded 9/3/1951 North Korea; returned to duty Army In Div-2nd Cv Div Cav Regt Inf


Jose Tadios, Sr. *12/13/1928-7/27/1994 Ewa Beach Hawaii; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Pfc Army


Leonard Masayon Tadios *wounded in N. Korea 5/20/1953; returned to duty Pvt, Army In Div-3rd Cv Div Cav Regt Inf, also Vietnam War-MIA, POW, BNR


Teofilo Tadios * 4/12/1930-8/4/2000 LV Nevada; buried Nat. Mem. Cemetery of the Pacific A1c Air Force


Robert T. Tadlas * 12/19/1935-2/12/1992 Honolulu, Hawaii Army SP3 buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery


Filomeno Tagupa, Jr. born 1/14/1935; died 6/14/1997; buried Hawaiian Memorial Park Mortuary; Air Force A1c post war: retired Honolulu Police Dept officer & retired licensed city investigator


Masario Sayon Tanghal born 6/12/1929; died 12/7/1992; buried Los Angeles Nat. Cemetery; Army Sgt


Benjamin Taroc *


Clarence Tavanlar *


Alfredo Tobias *


Ricardo Hojilla Torrecarion # born 9/23/1923 Philippines; died 9/23/1997; buried Ft Rosecrans (San Diego Ca) National Cemetery; also Vietnam War & WW11 veteran ( recruited for the Navy in 1944 w/ 4 other guerrillas); post-war Navy retiree

Galo Drilon Tubac born 10/16/1916 Negros Oriental Philippines; died 4/3/2006 Colorado Springs Colorado; Award: Bronze Medal, Korean Service, Korean Defense Medal, UN Service Medal  WW11 veteran:  Defense of Corregidor; PS POW (5/7/1942-12/9/1942); also Vietnam War veteran; retired as MSgt. Other Awards: Bronze Stars (total =3), Distinguished Unit Badge, WW11 Victory Medal, Philippine Independence Medal,  Vietnam Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal & Army Good Conduct Medal

Arthur T. Turingan *** 1915-10/2/1952 N. Korea KIA Cpl Army
38th Inf Reg 2nd Inf Div



Juvenal V. Vallejos *


Juan B Vallesteros *


Arsanio Vendiola *





Feliciano Yapit, USAF (Ret); member VFW 4051

The Marines' Hymn

From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli,
We fight our country's battles in the air, on land and sea.
First to fight for right and freedom, and to keep our honor clean,
We are proud to claim the title, of
United States Marines.

Our flag's unfurled to every breeze from dawn to setting sun.
We have fought in every clime and place, where we could take our gun.
In the snow of far off northern lands and in sunny tropic scenes,
You will find us always on the job,
United States Marines.

Here's health to you and to our Corps, which we are proud to serve.
In many a strife we've fought for life and never lost our nerve.
If the Army and the Navy ever look on heaven's scenes,
They will find the streets are guarded, by
United States Marines.